Trucker took off a prostitute and gave her a mouth

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What can I do, the work of a trucker is very difficult, you are almost never at home, you yearn not only for home, but also for your companion. You don’t have to choose especially on the road, of course, there are so-called night butterflies on the tracks, who do not mind to get laid with you for a small amount. So the man, too, was tired of enduring and noticed on the road, whose red-haired slut he stuffed in his mouth and finished her huge big boobs and hurried off.
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Ahah man is handsome !!! I decided to take a break from the steering wheel and took a hole for myself for the money. Damn, only one thing is not clear ... Why did he give her a mouth in the street, if you can drag yourself into a truck and there to break out on it in full?