Housekeeper caught having sex with a friend of the landlord

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This sometimes happens, or even not sometimes, when you come to your rich friend in a big house, and the owners are not at home, and the next young, attractive housemaid opens the door for you, which the owner changes every month. In order to somehow accelerate the long wait, the owner’s friend decides to brighten up his leisure time with a cute housekeeper, which the girl agrees to without further ado. After all, a big bolt of a young man brought her so hard that she could no longer hold on. Only then the trouble, the landlord returned home earlier than usual, and now for sure the young slut will be fired.
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Well done housemaid, her master go and keep to fuck at every opportunity. Looks like a chick for a long time did not fight that she so famously attacked the owner's friend. Experienced, not everyone can masturbate and suck a large penis.